Multiple Parking Options are available upon arrival to the funeral home:

  • We have two funeral home parking lots located on either side of the funeral home building. One funeral home lot is located on St. Clair Street and the other funeral home parking lot is located on Lehmer Steet. Both lots are adjacent to the building. 
  • The church lot located on St. Clair Street is also available and is located directly across the street from the funeral home.
  • Additional street parking is available on Ligonier and St. Clair streets.

If you need assistance getting out of your vehicle when you arrive please pull up to the curb outside our front or side door. There is a staff member located at each of these doors and they will be more than willing to assist you inside. Please call 724-537-5575 when you arrive for assistance or signal to the staff member at the door when they see you pull in.